04 June 2020

Cedar Porch Project from Sprenger Midwest

Cedar Porch Project from Sprenger Midwest.  Adding a dynamic design to your home using cedar takes planning. Getting started can feel overwhelming. From the overall design to finding the right cedar to use, click here to find a helpful guide for design tips from our friends at Real Cedar. Using Western Red Cedar for your...
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28 May 2020

5 Considerations Before You Paint Vinyl Siding

Just when your colorful siding starts to fade, you start thinking that repainting may be the best choice or idea to bring your siding back to life! However, with the thought of painting your vinyl siding, there are certain factors to consider, below are a few: 1. Voids The Warranty The first and foremost reason...
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21 May 2020

5 DIY Planter Box Plans For Your Next DIY Project

DIY Planter boxes are a great way to show style and grow beautiful greenery. Below are 5 websites that highlight plans for a planter box project.  1. Real Cedar DIY Planter with Trellis  Helpful videos and plans makes this website a great resource to help you build your planter box step-by-step. 2. DIY Cedar Monogram Planter...
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14 May 2020

5 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Exterior Siding

The exterior siding of your house suffers extreme weather conditions. But, they too have a life span and regular maintenance is imperative in order to keep the beauty intact. Here are some signs which indicate that you need to change your exterior siding. Holes– You may see a number of small holes in the sliding....
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04 May 2020

3 Ways to Maximize Your Home Goods and Storage

No matter how big your home is, you always need more space for your home goods. But the size isn’t going to get bigger, right? So, how can you maximize space in your home? Well, here are some ways. De-clutter It is imperative to maintain a balance between the incoming items in your home and...
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