Pine Boards

Pine Boards

The UFP-Edge Rustic Collection is perfect for your next reclaimed wood project. It’s new lumber that has been distressed, primed and painted to give the authentic look and texture of vintage rustic wood. 

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Along with our different grades of 1- inch boards, Gorman Bros. Lumber offers a variety of patterned products. These patterns are created with the same care as our different grades of lumber. Remodel with tongue and groove and end match patterns give homes a warm, welcoming look.

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Furring Strips

UFP Edge Barnwood

River Wood Wall Board

#2 Pine

Circle Sawn Ship Lap

#2 Patterns

#3 Patterns

#3 Pine

Clear Gorman

Rough SYP

Clear 5/4 Ponderosa Pine

Clear Doug Fir

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