Smart Shield Siding

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LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products let you redefine traditional building materials with treated engineered wood products that are designed to offer game-changing durability, beauty and workability. For more information about LP SmartSide, click here.

Smart Shield is the combination of SmartSide® premium engineered siding from Louisiana Pacific, with a premium 30-year factory finish coating from Midwest Factory Finishes. Smart Shield is the culmination of years of experience and expertise in exterior cladding and coatings systems.

Prefinished Smart Shield from Sprenger Midwest features 5/50-Year Transferable Limited Warranty on LP SmartSide/Trim. Secondly, Siding Prefinished Smart Shield is a great value per square foot and durable against moisture from snow and ice therefore an excellent choice for homeowners. 

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Easy LP® SmartSide® Installation

LP® SmartSide® provides easy installation designed to minimize waste due to unnecessary cutting and fitting.

Smart Shield prefinished siding from Sprenger Midwest made with trusted LP® SmartSide®.

To find additional information and the complete installation instructions for the family of LP products go online at www.lpcorp.com.


Curb Meets Price Appeal with LP® SmartSide® 

LP® SmartSide® products are a superb choice to upgrade a home’s beauty and curb appeal. It is always a smart choice when accenting homes partially finished in stone, stucco or brick. The beautiful contrast of these exterior claddings creates architectural balance that’s visually appealing and welcoming.

  • Rich cedar grain texture or smooth finish
  • Longer lengths may reduce seams
  • Unmatched consistency for curb appeal

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LP Smartside Siding The best home builders choose products based upon durability, price and beauty. LP SmartSide from Sprenger Midwest helps keep your home in beautiful for years to come! 

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