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28 August 2021

Top 5 Siding Colors Trending in 2021

For your home building in 2021, finding the right color can be difficult. We’ve comprised a shortened list to help you review the top trending colors in 2021:

LP SmartSide Smooth Siding

White (with Black Trim)

This is another classy color that is popular for a long time. It is sure to be seen in Home Building 2021 as well. Apart from the white trim, the linen white siding will give your home a modern and stylish look.

Greystone Prefinished Siding Color
Pictured: Greystone from the Sprenger Midwest Prefinished Siding Line


This color is very popular in the exterior siding choices and is here to stay in 2021. This color offers numerous shades. Pairing it up with white trim can work magic for your home.


Blue is a classy and soothing color and that is the reason it is going to be a favorite in 2020 as well. The siding paired with white trim is sure to give a unique look to your home. 

Foothill in Smart Shield Prefinished Siding Colors from Sprenger Midwest
Pictured: Foothills from the Smart Shield Prefinished Siding Line from Sprenger Midwest
Khaki Brown

Natural Colors

Green, Brown, and Beige are the colors that look great when paired with right contrasting colors. They give a warm look.

Rustic Red

It is slightly new in modern developments but it is getting popularity fast and was trending in 2020 with momentum in 2021.

New Pilgrim Red
New Pilgrim Red