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08 September 2022

4 Reasons to Consider Century Aluminum Railings from Sprenger Midwest for Your Decking Project

When planning your 2023 outdoor projects, you want a product that will last. Whether you’re replacing an old railing or building a deck from scratch, consider using Century Aluminum Railings available from Sprenger Midwest. Here are four reasons why our customers love Century Aluminum Railings:

  1. They’re Low Maintenance: You shouldn’t have to spend your weekends sanding and staining your deck or railing—you should be enjoying it. With Century Aluminum Railings, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the finish because they won’t rust, peel, or crack. Plus, they resist mold and mildew, so they’ll always look like new.
  2. They’re Durable: Century Aluminum Railings are built to last with a powder-coated finish that resists fading and chipping. With proper installation, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic without bowing or breaking.
  3. They Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors: Whether you want a scenic look or picket design, we have an option for you. And because our railings are available in multiple colors, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your deck or patio furniture.
  4. They’re Easy to Install: Century Aluminum Railings are perfect for the DIY’er and make installation quick and easy with no welding required.

When it comes to choosing the right railing for your decking project, consider using Century Aluminum Railings from Sprenger Midwest. Our customers love them because they’re low maintenance, durable, come in a variety of styles and colors, and easy to install. Plus, they look great! See our full selection of Century Aluminum Railings or click here to locate a retailer near you.