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01 October 2022

Sprenger Midwest Adds Rise Siding and Trim to Product Line

Sprenger Midwest is excited to announce that we now offer Rise Siding and Trim! This high-quality siding product is available in 20 foot lengths, meaning there are minimal seams and significantly less job site waste. Rise Siding is prefinished in white and available on all stocked colors in the prefinished siding line from Sprenger Midwest.

Rise Trim and Siding products are made from durable materials and feature a long-lasting finish that will keep your home looking great for years to come. So if you’re looking for a high-quality siding product that is easy to install and looks great, then Rise Siding and Trim is the perfect choice for you.

RISE Siding and Trim Performance Characteristics:

  • 2-sided water protection (front and back)
  • No decay, rot, or freeze/thaw damage
  • Minimal expansion and contraction
  • Looks, feels and installs like real wood
  • Can be cut with standard wood working tools
  • Available primed and pre-finished; can be painted
  • RISE Siding available in 20′ length for minimal seams; reduced waste

Prefinished Options in the Midwest

Temperature fluctuation and changes are common in the Midwest, therefore, your home requires a siding that has low expansion and contraction and doesn’t decay when in contact with the ground. RISE Siding and RISE Trim are specifically designed to meet the rigorous weather requirements


When it comes to choosing siding for your Midwest home, Rise Siding and Trim is an excellent choice that combines beauty with durability.

Rise Trim and Siding from Sprenger Midwest