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28 May 2020

5 Considerations Before You Paint Vinyl Siding

Damaged Vinyl Siding

Photo Credit: http://strib.mn/3eo9sbg

Just when your colorful siding starts to fade, you start thinking that repainting may be the best choice or idea to bring your siding back to life! However, with the thought of painting your vinyl siding, there are certain factors to consider, below are a few:

1. Voids The Warranty

The first and foremost reason not to paint is that it may void the warranty. You need to check warranty card if your manufacturer allows painting or not. 

2. Restriction On Choice Of Colors

First of all, not every paint in the market is suitable for painting your vinyl siding. And, if by any mistake, you choose a dark color, it will increase the heat absorption of your home.

3. No Comparison To New Siding

In extreme climate of the Midwest, places such as Iowa and Minnesota experience extreme heat and cold. Fluctuation in the weather may cause the peeling, warping or even bubbling. 

4. Not-So-Certain Results

One problem with paint is that you can choose a color but you can’t predict how it is going to look. Consistency when you paint vinyl siding can be achieved, but can’t be guaranteed.  

5. The Time To Paint

You can’t paint your vinyl siding when it’s scorching summer or freezing snow outside even when your sidings are in a bad condition. It may cause cracks, bubbles or peels. You need to wait for a suitable time of the year which can be hard to determine. 

So before you answering the question: can I paint vinyl siding, consider the above factors.  First, ask your manufacturer if your plans to paint vinyl siding will void your warranty. This will determine if you should move forward or look at other options. 

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