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17 June 2020

Looking to Build a New Home? Our 5 Item Checklist Will Get You Geared Up!

Cedar Porch Project Pic

New Home Build with SmartShield Siding and Real Cedar

Building a home is a process that requires great attention, finance, planning, and experts to execute the plan. But, what are the 5 items you need to have in line before you started on building your new home? Here is the checklist.


How much your home is going to cost you is the first question you should ask. If you are going to get your home financed, understand the amount you qualify for and then prepare a budget.


Choose a location that is perfect for you and your family and which ensures a safe and peaceful neighborhood. It will also help to figure out the payment that needs to be made.


A qualified contractor is essential for building. You need to choose a contractor who has good reviews and has varied experience.

Choose a Design

You can hire an architect, designer or engineer to help you with finalizing a cost-effective as well as spacious design for your home.


Here, you need to determine the material costs, laying the groundwork, finding the right siding, preparing the site, etc. Proper planning will lead to a successful implementation.

Follow this checklist and you are set to have your dream home.