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18 September 2021

Homeowner’s Winter Cleaning Checklist: Getting Ready For Cold Weather

Winter is right around the corner and so is prep work for your house. Below are 5 steps to help keep you warm, cozy and protected against the harsh elements of wind, snow and cold temperatures.  

Plan and Act– It is better to make a plan of how cleaning is going to take place, which place needs the most time and which places can be avoided.

Clean Your Gutters – Decluttering your gutters from debris and items is the best protection against ice jams. Now’s the perfect time to add gutter guards (if feasible) to help avoid debris and items in your gutters year-round. 

Protection Your Pipes –  Insulation around your susceptible piping is a great solution to prevent a problem before it even becomes a problem. Also, keep a stream of water dripping in a few faucets to prevent pipes freezing and bursting during the extreme cold. 

Prevent Slips Before They Happen– Now is the time to stock up on cement-safe salts that you can use to keep your driveway ice-free. Also, consider installing a Century Aluminum Railings guard rail for extra support year-round. 

Keep Cracks Closed – Help prevent the cold air from creeping in by caulking around holes and openings now. Popular places include windows and air conditioning units.

With the winter months approaching, this 5-step quick checklist can help you keep your home cozy, dry and safe this season.