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29 April 2020

Popular Siding and Trim Combinations from the Design Experts

Black Trim with White Siding on LP SmoothSide

LP SmartSide Smooth Siding

It poses a great difficulty choosing the right colors for your Home Building. All the colors, be it windows, trim or siding combinations, must complement each other.

Here are a few siding and trim combinations which are a popular choice in 2020.

Gray and white Siding and Trim Combinations

Gray being the popular siding option in 2020, pairs perfectly with white trim. It is a color that offers many shades and goes well with both warm and cool tones. However, white and gray make a classy combination.


A linen white siding makes your house a sophisticated piece to look at. Pairing them with gray or black trim gives your home building a stylish look. Warm trim tones are also a good option.

Rustic Red

This popular rural siding color is marking its presence in the urban development as well. The color oozes warmth and goes well with gray, white and sand dune trim.

Natural Colors

Green, brown and beige are the new shades on market and are quite popular in 2020. Pairing them with contrasting colors like gray, white or a contrasting yellow adds an appeal to your home exterior.  


Blue is a color that offers different shades and has been a popular color choice for a long time. Blue siding with white trim makes a perfect siding and trim combinations. You can also go for a lighter blue with dark navy siding or a lighter gray with blue.

Use these siding and trim combinations to give your house building a unique and stylish look.

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