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05 March 2021

What is Capped Composite Decking?

When you hear the term “capped” decking you may think that it’s something added after the composite decking is made, however, this may not be the case. Below we discuss the process of how capped composite decking is made. First, we start with the science of the creation process, then review it’s history and conclude with the benefits of capped composite decking. 

Campfire Composite Decking from Armadillo Decking and Stocked by Sprenger Midwest

Pictured: Armadillo Decking in Campfire

Capped Composite Decking Process

The making of composite decking starts by crafting the composite core. This is done by wood and polyethylene polymers being carefully blended together to form a solid composite core. Then, material is co-extruded meaning that one material is extruded and continuously filled with another to form the composite core.

Next step includes the core material being co-extruded with a non-organic surface product as well as with color pigments, UV inhibitors, anti-oxidants and mold inhibitors. 

“Capped decking is added protection that keeps your dream outdoor oasis from becoming a nightmare,” says Scott Lawyer, Outside Sales Team Member at Sprenger Midwest. “Overall, it’s a great decking option as it resists mold, staining and fading.” 

History of Capped Composite Decking

In the past, composite decking especially for residential decking projects were uncapped. While the composite decking materials were still considered excellent protection against splintering, discoloration and cracking, the process has since improved and now allows for advanced protection. 

Composite Decking Stocked by Sprenger Midwest

Pictured: Decking from Armadillo in Sunset

Benefits of Capped Composite Decking

Beyond the benefits of capped decking vs wood decking, the capped process allows for an added protection against UV elements while adding strength and resilience to your outdoor oasis. 

“One major benefit is peace of mind knowing that your deck will look great season after season,” adds Lawyer. “I recommend Armadillo Decking, personally. Homeowners are able to use their outdoor living space with minimum maintenance using soap and water.”


Creating the outdoor living space of your dreams with little maintenance and lots of relaxation starts with capped composite decking. After all, there’s nothing like stepping outside and enjoying your beautiful deck the minute warm weather arrives.