28 August 2021

Top 5 Siding Colors Trending in 2021

For your home building in 2021, finding the right color can be difficult. We’ve comprised a shortened list to help you review the top trending colors in 2021: Gray This color is very popular in the exterior siding choices and is here to stay in 2021. This color offers numerous shades. Pairing it up with...
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21 August 2021

[Product Spotlight] Armadillo Lifestyle Composite Decking Collection

Armadillo Lifestyle Composite Decking collection – a full line of USA-made composite deck boards and accessories. With the current product availability limitations in the industry and increased costs, homeowners and multi-family builds are taking their renovations and builds outside just in time for the outdoor living season.  Armadillo Decking, a leading composite decking and accessories...
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07 August 2021

How Siding is Your Home’s First Line of Defense

Choosing the right kind of siding for your home building plays a very important role in protecting your house and in making it look beautiful. There are several reasons why siding is termed as the first line of defense for your Midwest home.  Protecting Your Home The exterior of your house suffers from severe weather...
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23 July 2021

5 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Exterior Siding

The exterior siding of your house suffers extreme weather conditions. But, they too have a life span and regular maintenance is imperative in order to keep the beauty intact. Here are some signs which indicate that you need to change your exterior siding. Holes– You may see a number of small holes in the sliding....
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